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Founded from family members, Qtie Nail Lounge was originally established to serve the basic needs of life and generate revenue. However, the more we work, the more customers we meet, the more we love this service industry. Therefore, we decided that the presence of Qtie Nail Lounge will bring customers impressive nail sets, showing the style and personality of the owner. 

Besides, there are professional, creative, and dedicated services. Customers who come to us will visit again and again. At Qtie Nail Lounge, staff with at least 2-3 years of experience in nail art and Gel making. We have satisfied most of the customers who come to us.

When coming to Qtie Nail Lounge, customers can choose for themselves the latest designs. Regularly updated by us from the hottest trending nails in the world, nail collections from simple to personality. Along with that is the use of high-quality nail polish and accessories.

Importance things you need to know about us

Rated as one of the nail salons with the best service quality, we focus on giving customers a really great experience with nails. To do that we have a team of professional staff with at least 2 years of experience or more. We use machines and technology as well as premium nail polishes and a collection of creative nail designs.

Our story

To gain the trust and love of customers like today, we have gone through many ups and downs and difficulties. Founded in 2008, by a family member with simple machines and the most popular nail designs. 

We have been constantly trying to improve ourselves day by day. With dedication, love for the job, and dedication to creating as well as satisfying each customer. Our team members have always worked hard to please most first-time visitors.

Up to now, we have been able to own a luxurious, clean and modern space. The system of facilities is advanced and synchronous. Along with that, the biggest achievement is the trust and love of customers. We have constantly learned to update new nail designs or create nail designs and create our own collection and are very popular with customers. 

The success of today is an extremely strong motivation for us to constantly learn, constantly strive, and constantly create. Qtie Nail Lounge sincerely thanks for the trust and support of customers over the past years. At the same time, we also thank our comrades and staff who have always been attached, accompanied, and side by side with us through the development journey.

Exactly what nail services do we provide?

At Qtie Nail Lounge we have all the nail services you need. From basic services such as nail trimming, nail polish, nail care to complex services such as nail art. The list of services we provide are as follows:

  • Cut dead skin
  • Nail polish
  • Dip powder
  • Up nail art
  • ……

This is a list of services we provide at Qtie Nail Lounge. Digging into each service category we have smaller service sections. All the methods used for our nail beauty services are safe and clean. As proof of this, when you come to us you will be served a pedicure lining along with a disposable manicure kit.

Our team is experienced and careful, focusing on the working process to bring customers absolute satisfaction. Thus, with the application of the most advanced nail technology. Along with a team of experienced and creative staff, all the services we provide are done with excellence and customer responsibility with the job.

May I know your workflow?

At Qtie Nail Lounge, you will receive dedicated nail care with high-quality paints and care products. These products are often used in reputable beauty establishments. At Qtie Nail Lounge, the usual manicure process will take place in the following 7 steps:

  • Step 1: Remove old nail polish with polish remover.
  • Step 2: Soak the nails to soften the skin.
  • Step 3: Cut off the dead skin on the surface and around the nail.
  • Step 4: File to create nail form.
  • Step 5: Apply nail protection cream.
  • Step 6: Primer to avoid yellowing and discolored nails.
  • Step 7: Apply topcoat (powder nails or gel nails).

Things you will get when doing nails at Qtie Nail Lounge

With our professionalism and dedication, we are committed to giving you the best experience. When you come to us you will receive:

  • Attentive, considerate, professional service
  • Use current, advanced, safe, and clean tools
  • Various and rich services (painting, painting, gel, powder)
  • The space designed for the salon is spacious and quiet
  • Customers are warranted throughout the service process
  • The product lines of paints, gels, … 100% genuine
  • Enthusiastic consultation, quick appointment by 24/7 online care team
  • Committed to perfect quality.

What are your facilities?

At Qtie Nail Lounge, we have the most modern and synchronous facilities system in the nail industry. Qtie Nail Lounge was established with the goal of helping you have unforgettable experiences with your body! 

Along with we own the best, most modern facilities, we also have staff trained in their respective fields with different types of services. So that they can give you the best service and make you satisfied from the first time.

We also understand that safety and hygiene are extremely important to each customer. 

QTie Nails invests in Autoclave Sterilizers – a specialized and best sterilization tool for nail salons. This machine works under a unified sterilization system. The autoclave uses steam heat to kill any microbial life that exists on the surface of the device. Items that are cleaned after being disinfected will not have any bacteria attached and can exist on the surface.

Our tools, equipment and power tools are always thoroughly cleaned and undergo a sterilization process before being used again. We have a team of supervisors who check these items after sterilization and before it is used on each customer. Because it is important to us that you are completely safe and happy and healthy using our services.

Qtie Nail Lounge Commitment 

Qtie Nail Lounge not only brings you satisfaction, but Qtie Nail Lounge is a place where you can express yourself. That is the biggest commitment we make to our customers. 

At Qtie Nail Lounge, every perfect nail set is not just completing the steps of a beauty care service process. That is the whole enthusiasm and art of the Qtie Nail team. From the moment you step into our space, we have devoted all our attention to understanding you and your personality. 

No matter what nail design you choose, we always have a way to make the nail set bring your personality, your person.

Safety and cleanliness have always been one of the top priorities on our commitment list. Qtie Nail Lounge understands that, when we take care of our customers like we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, we will receive invaluable values ​​in return. That’s why we always clean and disinfect metal tools that are reused many times such as scissors, nail clippers, tweezers… 

With products that can be used once and appreciated privacy such as pads, tissues… We are committed not to reuse. And for even more confidence, you can bring your own kit to be best served by our team according to your wishes.

The best way for sustainable and long-term development is a professional and friendly staff. Certainly, stores with poor quality and unfriendly staff will not be able to bring customers satisfaction. That’s why Qtie Nail Lounge always focuses on training its team on how to be better, more professional, and win more customers’ hearts. Any complaints from customers about the technique or the attitude of the staff will be received and resolved by us as quickly as possible.

Always update the latest nail designs, the most advanced nail technology. To meet customer needs, market trends, and customer satisfaction at different times. We need to always upgrade, always update and always be innovative. Any nail design you require we can do.

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