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It’s our pleasure to take care of your nails. You guys have helped our starting point much more memorable. Hope you will come back to us.


5415 Camden Ave #45, San Jose, CA 95124, United States


(408) 622-6384

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Qtie Nail Lounge is the Best Nail Salon in Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States. Our working time is from Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 7 pm and on Sunday we don’t work. So during this time, we are open and you want to experience any kind of service.

If you want to be served more attentively, please contact us via hotline (408) 622-6384 to reserve a time for nail care at Qtie Nail Lounge – The Best Nail Salon in Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124.

In addition, this is also a hotline you can contact for advice, support, and exchange about the services we are providing before making an appointment. It can be said that this is the hotline to solve all problems that you are interested in. From researching, consulting, answering questions to receiving customer complaints about service quality, staff attitude. 

Qtie Nail Lounge - Nail Salon 95124 Camden ave San JoseQtie Nail Lounge - Nail Salon in Camden Ave San Jose 95124

And even the lovely reviews of customers, or simply a small notice: “About 10 o’clock, I stopped by to give you some fruits to thank them for taking good care of my nails”. So don’t hesitate to contact us via hotline for any simple inquiry!

If you are a person who prefers to write rather than call to talk in person. Don’t worry, we have a connection channel for you. Please send us your concerns, questions, or simply your feelings for us to the email address:

Like the hotline, this is a channel to receive, advise and support all customer needs from inquiry, booking, review, to complaints about attitude and service quality. Or even your contributions so that we can improve and develop more will be received and responded to. In the time since our establishment and development, we have received thousands of emails for exchange and customer support.

There are many comments, affections, and thanks that have been sent to our team via the above email address. Do you know? This is really the motivation for us to smile every day, to make us work harder every day. We host a range of nail services from our special manicures and pedicures to the latest nail enhancements. All our treatments are done with utmost care for your safety. We use pedicure liners and disposable nail kits to ensure that. Featuring a range of high-tech nail products and creative-minded staff, all our services are done with excellence and creativity.

Let us be more creative and dare to be stronger. There are many, many things that customers have not shown when meeting face-to-face at the store. When calling to exchange, it is expressed through words, via email.

If you are a supplier of products to nail salons, or simply want to become one of our partners, you can use all three of these means of communication to connect with us. We are the first to introduce the “Dipping Powder” to the CA state! Let us pamper you! Family-owned since 218 and est. by Kevin and Cindy, our team at Qtie Nail Lounge is here to bring the latest technology from a PROFESSIONAL high-end city nail salon to San Jose, where excellent quality is our number one priority!

Please contact the hotline in advance at (408) 622-6384 to discuss and agree on a meeting time. Then come to Qtie Nail Lounge – The Best Nail Salon in Camden Ave at 5415 Camden Ave #45, San Jose, CA 95124, United States so that we have the opportunity to meet face to face and agree and sign a contract (if any). 

Please send us an email about the product or service you want to provide, or changes in the working process, contact via email

Qtie Nail Lounge – The Best Nail Salon in Camden Ave